Halloween at Polly!

That’s right, we are going all out this Halloween and getting our spooky on!
On the 31st of October we will be having a night of scary tunes, costume competitions, Halloween treats and Halloween inspired cocktails!
The first 50 to book recieve a special goodie bag full of special treats! (Sorry but we can only accept bookings of 5+ for the night)

So get yourcostumes ready cos’ you’re in for a bumpy ride!

Call 94170880 to book.


$12.50 cocktails every Monday at Polly!

$12.50 cocktails every Monday at Polly!

Every Monday we have cheap classic martinis starting at $12.50!  So come on down and get a delicious well crafted martini every Monday at Polly for the cheap price of $12.50!

How to make a famous Polly Mojito!

Customers love our cocktails so much that we have decided to make our own YouTube channel so you can make them at home for yourself!

The first is the very popular classic The Mojito. Let our bar manager Dave show you how to get it Polly tasty!


Brrrr….Cold times bring yum times at Polly!

Ok, so we all know at the moment it is pretty darn cold in Melbourne town. To make your winter a little brighter, we have conjured up a few awesome Winter treats for you at Polly.

Firstly, we have added an amazing Cheese Platter to our menu. It includes cheeses, crackers, homemade strawberry relish, and homemade fruit cake – decadent and just the right flavours to beat off the winter blues (and beat off hunger as well!)

Another fun thing we’ve done this month is have an in-house Hot Toddy Competition. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a Hot Toddy is, it’s a number of alcaholic ingredients heated. We like making ours with a mixture of Port, Whiskey, lemon and spices. However, if you like Rum, or Scotch, or even certain liquers more than Port, we can refine a Hot Toddy to your specific tastes.
You can tell us what you like, or ask one of our Bartenders to make up for you their entry into the Hot Toddy comp. Believe me, a Hot Toddy is just perfect on a chilly winter evening. Mix it with a Cheese Platter and a Cigar and you are set for one comforting winter night!

NEW food at Polly!

By popular demand, we have put dips back onto the menu in a totally new and improved form! The focaccia bread and the dips are all made fresh in the Polly kitchen.

Also new to the menu, is our Mexican style wedges. Topped with cheese, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos, it’s a nacho take on an old favourite!

Staff Weekly Recommendations!

Now for the weekly recommendations from those who work at Polly!

The De-Cider  
New to Polly -

The Menu Says - “The last word in refreshment. Coldstream Victorian Cider over

The De-Cider

 ice,tempered with Campari and crowned with homemade Blood Orange Sorbet.”Why we love it - Not only is it really refreshing, it also combines some damn fine products!
The Cointreau and Campari work together to form a yummy light orange flavour, which isn’t too sweet, and add to that the sparkling Coldstream straight from the tap. 
A scoop of Polly made Blood Orange Sorbet tops it off and you are left with a so scrummy you can’t believe drink that refreshers as well as plays with your tastebuds!

Jade PF 1901
Silver Medal Winner – 2007 London IWSC Jade PF 1901

Jade PF 1901

Jade PF 1901 is in the same category as the Jade VS 1898 – both are premier Absinthe’s based on old pre-ban recipes. This recipe came from a sealed bottle of Pernod Fils (hence the ‘PF’) it’s the closest you’re going to get to the real French Absinthe of the pre-ban era. It is also made by the same distillery as the Jade VS 1898, in Saumur, France.
Taste wise, this Absinthe has a well balanced palate of wormwood, anise and fennel with a lovely flowery freshness. We love to grab one of these after a long shift, sit back on one of Polly’s regal chairs, and pretend we’re back in 1900′s.


Wither Hills Pinot Gris.
“This pinot gris shows some handy complexity and richness on the nose, with ripe pears and stone fruits, and fragrant lift and floral notes too. The palate’s nicely worked into smooth shape, with long pear and peach flavour and decent acid balance. Tidy indeed. ” – The Age 2011 Wine Guide by Nick Stock.

Dry in style, this beautiful fruity Pinot Gris is from the famed Marlborough wine region in New Zealand. The aromas of elderflower, peach and honeysuckle hit you straight away, whilst the taste is full bodied, with essenses of ripened pear, lychee and tropical flavours with a lovely spiced aftertaste. This is perfect for when we can only stay for a quick drink after work, as it doesn’t take too long to finish this lovely drop!


Hawthorn Amber Ale
Bronze International Beer Challenge 2010

Talking about drinks that are easy to finish after work – this is surely one of them! Also, this great beer comes from near-by Hawthorn, which at Polly we see as a big plus, as we love supporting local and Australian made!
This beer starts off, when poured (which generally, you should always do – it lets the beer breathe and releases flavours that if you don’t pour out, will stay trapped in the bottle!) with a beautiful head that is quite long lasting. The colour is also something to comment on, as it’s a nice rich dark brown. It has a lovely aroma, bitey, rich and fruity. The taste if quite malty, with a warm caramel flavour. Hawthorn also prides itself on using no perservatives or additives when making it’s beer – hey, with this plus to your health, there’s no reason not to drink it!




Fun Mojito Vid

Thought this was a pretty cool YouTube video. It’s funny how everybody has their own tale when it comes to how something is created – during my research, I never really came across tales of Cuban slaves coming up with the drink. I did however, hear that the drink came from the African word ‘Mojo’
Here is the video, I hope you enjoy it!


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